...Missing U...

posted on 26 Jul 2009 08:42 by illkid in illkid

Is it Ok to say I miss U?

Is it possible to be back to u someday soon?

I can't deny that I still miss u in every way it could be.

I can't say that I want it to b like the way it used to be.

I can't say that We are still the same.

Tears can prove nth now.

Word is nearly meaningless.

"Awkward" is what really happened these days.

Eventhough we should let it keep happening like this....

I have no courage to move further.

It's gonna b sad if I let it end like this but....

I found that we nearly got nth to say while meeting.

The topic that me and you are lookin' in life is not in the same scoope.

It hurts both of us, though we try to get used to it.

Question is how long we or may b only me will heal

the wounds?...... if I still miss u like this.




"Ppl always kno how important someone/something is to them

that when they lost it forever."



But I think I'm not yours....= =

I hav no right to say anything anymore,rite?...